A KALTBLUT exclusive. ‘Fado Bicha’ (‘Queer Fado’ in English) creators Lila Fadista and João Caçador were photographed and interviewed by the collaborative tandem of Emil Huseynzade and Yago Barbosa.

Fado Bicha is a queer Fado project created in Portugal by young Fado performers Lila Fadista and João Caçador. Their music addresses the social issues of the society that they live in, from homophobia to racism, to gender inequality and toxic masculinity. They are using Fado, traditional Portuguese folk music, as a tool to reshape the conservative views entrenched in the community of Fado, and of Portuguese society as a whole. They share some insights from their creativity, latest experiences, and future plans.

Interview by Emil Huseynzade / emilhuseynzade.com / Instagram: @emilhusaint
Photography by Yago Barbosa / yago-barbosa.com / Instagram: @yagosbarbosa
and Emil Huseynzade / emilhuseynzade.com / Instagram: @emilhusaint
Fado Bicha / fadobicha.com / Instagram: @fadobicha
Producer is Yago Barbosa / yago-barbosa.com / Instagram: @yagosbarbosa
Make-up by Cris Severo / Instagram: @crissevero_____

Outfits present in the photoshoot are artists’ own designed pieces.
For the full interview visit kaltblut-magazine.com

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