A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Emil Huseynzade. Model is Breno de Figueiredo signed at L’Agence Lisboa.
The morning of the shoot was quite cold in Lisbon. We were going green urban so Monsanto, the biggest green area of Lisbon, opened wide its arms for our creative journey. Numbing from getting changed outdoors early in the morning, Breno was doing his best to stay hardcore soft and chic simultaneously.”
“I am a photographer born and raised by the Caspian Sea in Baku, and currently based between Lisbon and London. My creativity is influenced by the locals of the places I live in. From people I see in the streets to the random encounters in bars or just a simple ‘Hey, I love your piercing, let’s collaborate!’ messages on social media. I find getting to know people as the most exciting commodity to spark my creativity in photography: discovering their distinctive identities, inner personalities, what do they like or dislike, do they eat honey with melon? How do they perceive the environment around them? Are they happy with the things they do? You will be quite astonished how each person is an individual with their own unique features you would never find anywhere else. Thus, my work with models is a form of fandom conceiving against the grain in a search for creative abundance."

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