A photo project & an interview with the creator of ‘HEN’ Johanny Bert, in exclusive for KALTBLUT magazine

Created by Johanny Bert (Théâtre de Romette, France) and inspired by Sweden’s gender-neutral pronoun, HEN is the name of a hybrid character who transforms and plays male and female images with sarcasm and insolence at will. 
Puppet figure manipulated by two actors, HEN is full of life, exuberant, enraged, and virile diva in heels who expresses themselves by singing love, hope, bodies, and sexuality with a lot of freedom. At the time of a search for identity or a desire to define everything, HEN is an extraordinary character who does not seek to be standardised.

Before taking photos of HEN during the show, Emil Huseynzade interviewed the creator Johanny Bert a couple of hours before the start of the final show of ‘HEN’ in Teatro do Bairro in frames of FIMFA Lx22 – Festival Internacional de Marionetas e Formas Animadas.

Read the full interview at kaltblut-magazine.com
Interview and photos by Emil Huseynzade / emilhuseynzade.com / Instagram: @emilhusaint
HEN / hen-show.com / Instagram: @hen.show
Design, direction and voice by Johanny Bert / Instagram: @johannybert

More information about the Production Team of ‘HEN’ is available on hen- show.com
Special thanks to the organisers of FIMFA Lx22 and the staff of Teatro do Bairro.

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